No Kit:All students must bring the appropriate kit to PE at all times.Appropriate kit consists of a change of top/shorts/joggy bottoms and change of shoes.In all classes students should wear either a clan t-shirt or try to wear thier clan colour.No football tops should be worn for PE.
If a student is unwell or unable to participate we ask that they still bring their PE kit as they can still be a valuable part of the class; keeping score, coaching or leading activities.ALL students should be changed for PE at ALL times.If a student forgets their PE kit they will be provided with a freshly laundered kit from the PE department.
The consequences:
1st: A text home to parents2nd: A phonecall home from class teacher3rd: A phonecall home from Principal Teacher4th: Referred to Depute Head

If any parents have issues with PE kit or concerns over the departments policy please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly, you can find our contact details from the Home page.

Find out about our philosophy, courses and activities

The department currently has four PE specialists with an Active Schools Coordinator and a number of other staff and external coaches who contribute to the sporting development of students within the school. The department provides high quality coaching in a wide number of sports including, rugby, football, basketball, netball, hockey, athletics, gymnastics, shinty, tennis and dance. The department have taken the opportunity to focus on London 2012 within lessons and cooperative groups are based around Olympic values.

Departmental Staff
The staff, currently three women and one man are energetic, enthusiastic and highly committed PE teachers. All of the PE staff play an active part in whole school activities.
The Active Schools Coordinator and Rugby Development Officer are all based at the High School which enhances the work of the department.

Department rooms/resources
The school has a a full sized sports hall with two gymnasia and a dance studio attached. Additional facilities include grass shinty/rugby pitch and 3G football pitches. The department also works in partnership with the Atlantis Leisure Centre, in town, which contains a large sports hall, swimming pool, squash courts, fitness room and a floodlit all weather Astroturf pitch. The department has a PE Classroom and is able to fully utilize all aspects of ICT to support both core and accreditation lessons, the department all have flip cameras, laptops and access to a wide range of camera technology and analysis software.

Third Level
Students in Years 1 and 2 receive two hours of High Quality PE per week. It is delivered to mixed sex groups covering the experiences and outcomes identified in a Curriculum for Excellence. They also have the opportunity to experience cross-curricular and inter-disciplinary lessons for example Geography/PE modules of work together with Super Learning Days where the focus is Olympic Learning Day and Leadership Day. These will create a compelling learning experience with physical education and sport as the catalyst for creative learning.

Fourth Level
Students in Years 3 and 4 receive two hours of core PE and within that time they have the opportunity to develop their interests in physical education. The pathways within Core PE at Fourth Level are personalised with students able to opt for a style of learning that suits them, for example: Performance, Fit4Life, and Lead2learn. We are introducing the Dynamic Youth and Youth Achievement Awards in core PE from August 2011 which will maintain our expectation that all students will achieve a form of accreditation in core PE at Fourth Level.
Students have a wide range of school accreditation pathways to select from including established SQA Access, Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2 Physical Education and Intermediate 2 Dance.
Students have the opportunity to study Higher Physical Education and continue this into Advanced Higher where appropriate. The results have been excellent over recent years. Within curriculum time Year 5/6 students can take a sports coaching course, which involves working in our partner primary Schools and organising local sports events. The department also fully supports any student that wishes to gain National Governing Body Awards in an attempt to increase the number of young, qualified coaches and referees in the community.

Out of Hours Learning
There is a full programme of extra-curricular activities which are run before and after school including netball, hockey, football, rugby, badminton, shinty, basketball, tennis, athletics, table tennis, gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, and girls night. Students have been very successful in recent years at local, Regional and National levels. The department are fully engaged with Active Schools and enter all competitions and festivals within Argyll and Bute, and have hosted the authority Youth Games for the last three years.

September 2011