1Y1 Mr Lay


19/08/11 16/09/11 ABC’s
19/09/11 07/10/11 Outdoor Games
24/10/11 18/11/11 Gymnastics
21/11/11 16/12/11 Dance
05/01/12 03/02/12 Racquets
06/02/12 03/03/12 Indoor Games
06/03/12 31/03/12 OAA
17/04/12 02/06/12 Athletics
05/06/12 25/06/12 Striking Games

Current Unit

We are currently working on Dance. This is a 4 week unit with 2 weeks of Scottish Dance and 2 weeks of Creative Dance.

Our class dance theme is The Olympics. Some parts of the dance will be choreographed for the whole class and some parts will be choreographed by groups themselves. The music we are using is "I've Got a Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas. (You can listen to it below)


November Homework - click below on Gymnastics Sequence videos

Gymnastics Sequence Videos

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